Clever Curds

Meyer lemons, if you haven’t used them before, are sweeter and juicier than regular lemons. I bought a bag of Meyer lemons at Sunterra a few days ago, and used some of them in my white sangria. I decided to make lemon curd and lemon tarts with the rest.

Meyer lemons

Much like these Meyer lemons I am both sweet and tart.

I had never made lemon curd before but it was pretty easy (I doubled this recipe). I zested and juiced the lemons. Then I set up a double boiler (first time I ever did this!) and stirred together eggs, sugar, and the lemon juice. The hardest part comes next: you have to stand there are stir it for 10 minutes. (The next time someone says “That was a stirring rendition of the national anthem” I’m going to say, “Really? Then it must have been a very boring rendition of the national anthem and  the performer should show more respect for their country” or something crabby like that.) For me, right around the 8-min mark, the mixture suddenly turned from liquid-y to thick. It was pretty cool – it transformed in an instant. After that I removed the mix from the heat, stirred in some butter and the lemon zest, and let it cool with plastic wrap on top so it wouldn’t form a skin. Done!

Lemon curd cooling

Lemon curd cooling.

BTW, I would have taken more photos during the process but everything happened pretty quickly and I couldn’t free my hands long enough to snap a pic.

I didn’t measure it but I think I made about 800 mL of lemon curd (over 3 cups). At first I found it too cloyingly sweet for my liking – too much sugar and butter, not enough tangy lemon – probably because of using Meyer lemons. Over the next couple days it mellowed out, though, and the flavours became more balanced.

I used the curd in a few ways. First I made lemon tarts, which were ridiculously easy. I took frozen tart shells…

Frozen tart shells

Ooh, diagonal.

… baked them, cooled them, and filled them with lemon curd. I even added some of the candied citrus I made earlier.

Lemon tarts

Curds in array.

Unfortunately, the three elements in these tarts didn’t quite work together; there were too many flavours and textures going on. I ate them by eating the candied citrus first, then licking out the curd, then eating the tart. Messy but yummy.

Next I simply used the curd as a spread on muffins (I made a fantastic coconut oil banana muffin recipe) and toast (I used the extraordinary black Russian rye I got at the Italian Centre).

Lemon spread

This counts as a serving of fruit, right?

These applications of lemon curd were my favourites – amazingly delicious. I still have about 300 mL of curd left and I’m thinking some whole wheat pancakes are in order. Mmmm, pancakes.


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