Lemon Leftovers

As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to use the leftover citrus fruits from the white sangria. I looked at a few recipes for candied citrus slices and decided that boozy candied citrus was worth a try!

All the recipes called for boiling the slices to soften the rind and take the bitterness out of the pith. After sitting in wine for 3 days, I figured my citrus could skip this step. I went straight to boiling them in sugar and water for a couple hours.

Citrus slices

Citrus slices simmering in simple syrup.

Pro tip: When you’re simmering alcohol-infused fruit on the stove, turn the overhead fan to HIGH. I had it on LOW and then had a little incident when I turned on a second burner:

Burnt oven ring

I extinguished a burning ring of fire.

Remember to keep baking soda handy at all times, duckies.

Once my pulse returned to normal operating parameters, I dried the slices on a cooling rack for 24 hours.

Candied citrus on the drying rack

Rack of lime.

The next day they were still really sticky so I put them in a very low-heat oven (with the door ajar to release any remaining alcohol vapours, and the overhead fan running) for about 5 hours. That helped but they were still gooey so I went for the blunt solution: coat them with sugar. I ran granulated sugar through the Magic Bullet first to make it a finer texture, then tossed the citrus with the sugar.

Candied citrus in sugar

Candied citrus in sugar.

And bingo! They’re delicious. Only took 2 days. 🙂

By now the alcohol is pretty much burned off but they still have a hint of the wine they were in originally sitting in. They’re pleasantly chewy but not gooey.

Finally, I took the sugar water that the citrus slices had simmered in and poured it into a bottle to be used for lemonade (citrusade?) later.

Citrus syrup

Citrus syrup.

The syrup is fairly viscous, but with a little stirring I was able to turn it into a decent citrus soda that still has a hint of white wine. Not bad for being the byproduct of a byproduct.

One last pic just because:

Citrus in syrup



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