Sangria Sequel

First, thanks to everyone who made suggestions in the comments or offline about my first attempt at sangria! For my second attempt I’m making a white sangria.

The wine is a Canadian pinot grigio. I don’t know what “pinot” or “grigio” mean but there was a sign in the store saying that this was a fruitier, citrusier wine… or something. Whatever it was, it sounded good. 🙂

Pinot grigio

Pinot grigio

I sliced up some mandarin oranges, meyer lemons, and key limes:

Sliced citrus


Then I added the citrus, some sugar, and the wine to my Official Sangria Jar™:

White sangria


After letting the sangria sit for a few hours, it was delicious! Perfectly sweet – basically just boozy lemonade.

However, over the next couple days it became increasingly bitter and I had to add more and more sugar. Even then it wasn’t so great. I think this would be a great beverage to serve at a party if you make it a few hours ahead of time and then serve the whole thing. It’s just no good later on.

Glass of sangria and club soda

Sangria & soda.

BTW, if you recall, I tried cooking down the leftover fruit from the red sangria and it was pretty revolting. But I wanted to try it again with the citrus slices from this go-round – it just feels like a waste to throw out all that fruit. I actually had some success this time but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read about it. Stay tuned!


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