Culinary Codruple

I bought some salt cod a few days ago that I soaked and rinsed and soaked and rinsed and soaked and rinsed (and soaked and rinsed). Then I cooked it four different ways: a culinary codruple!

Salt cod

Are you there, cod? It’s me, Louisa.

1. Fried cod with onions

This was super easy. I fried half an onion and two cloves of garlic in olive oil, then added the cod fillet. I didn’t know how long it was supposed to take so I just cooked it until it looked done (approx 10 mins). It wound up being a tad overcooked but not too bad. However, it was very salty. The salad (dressed with just oil and vinegar) was the perfect accompaniment since the freshness of the salad balanced out the saltiness of the fish. The fried onions and garlic were delicious, as fried onions are garlic are wont to be. Can’t say the same for my breath after eating them. 😉

Cod the first

Cod the first.

2. Salt cod casserole

This casserole recipe is pretty simple: make layers of sliced potatoes, cod, onions, and potatoes again. Then make a mix of tomato paste, olive oil, garlic, and some spices, and spread that on top. Bake. Eat.

I soaked the cod longer this time so it was less salty, but this dish was still unrelentingly savoury due to the onion and garlic, which weren’t cooked all the way through. It was also greasy – I overdid it on the olive oil.

Cod the second

Cod the second.

3. Salt cod casserole leftovers: stir-fried with sweet/spicy sauce

Since the casserole was greasy, I didn’t want to heat the leftovers in the microwave – that would just turn them to oily mush. But it occurred to me that stir-frying them would (a) make good use of the oil that was already in there by crisping up the potatoes, and (b) cook down the onions and garlic further, bringing out their sweetness.

I put them over medium heat until warmed through, then turned up the heat to get them crispy. I also added some of the Jamaican sweet and spicy sauce I got from Kasoa.

The result was so fiery-spicy hot I could barely taste it, but the texture was perfect!

Cod the third

Cod the third.

4. Salt cod casserole leftovers: stir-fried with rosemary

Ok I finally got this right. Stir-frying was definitely the way to heat these leftovers, and a generous portion of whole, dried rosemary added aroma and texture without overpowering the dish. With a little side salad it made for a nice meal.

Cod the fourth

Cod the fourth.

Bonus: Salmon filet

While we’re on the subject of fish, I also cooked up the beautiful little salmon fillet I got from Sunterra. I mixed a bit of maple syrup with balsamic, garlic salt, and pepper, then poured that over the salmon. I cooked it at 400F for 15 mins. It was OMGYUM but the maple mixture that sat in the bottom of the dish burned a bit. The part that didn’t burn was delicious and caramel-y.


A book of salmon and a heart of maple-balsamic sauce.

Incidentally, I’ve never been very successful at cooking fish but these meals were (eventually) successful. This is a WIN for the Savoury Staycation! I’ll cook and eat more fish in the future.


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