Delectable Daleks

Check it out: I made little disembodied Dalek heads from Pfeffernussen cookies…

Cookie Daleks

I’ll take “Things that look like blind albino frogs smoking a cigarette” for 200, Alex.

How cute is that? I used tic-tacs for the antennae and toothpicks for the eyestalks. The eyes at the end of the eyestalks are made from a single unit of quinoa attached with a tiny drop of Marmite.

This is pretty much the coolest thing you’ll ever see on this blog so you might as well stop reading now.

Just kidding! Don’t leave. I’m going to make lemon curd and it’s going to be a disaster. You don’t want to miss that. πŸ˜‰

In the meantime…

Dalek Marmite

Dalek Marmite is an unsavoury character.

Dalek Marmite

Aww, look. He’s all by his little lonesome.

Dalek Fig Jam

Dalek Fig Jam is a sweetie.

Dalek Acetaminophen

Dalek Acetaminophen prefers to be called “Ace” and will exterminate your headache, yo.

Dalek Crystal

Dalek Crystal feels empty.
So empty.

Dalek Ginger

Dalek Ginger wants to know what you really, really want.

Dalek Quinoa

Dalek Quinoa is pretty seedy but keeps all the bitterness bottled up.

Ok, I’ll stop. πŸ˜‰

…I’ll just casually mention that the Space channel is airing a Doctor Who marathon on Christmas Day which is pretty much the best Christmas present ever. Bring on the fish custard and weeping angelfood cakes!


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