Snack Snobbery

I have this theory that all foodies have a particular food that they love and makes them feel superior to everyone who doesn’t love it.

For example: have you ever noticed that people who like olives are really proud of it, like they’ve accomplished something special? I call them Olive Snobs. I could write an entire post about Olive Snobs but suffice to say they’re insufferable. (You know who you are.)

My snob food is Marmite. I come by my Marmite fandom honestly, having been born in England. Marmite is pretty much pablum to British babes.

If you’ve never tried Marmite, I urge you to find someone who has a jar of it in their house so you can try a bit of it. Don’t spend $5 on a jar until you know you like it. It looks like molasses but tastes salty and bit sour. You want to start with a tiny amount and build up your tolerance.

I like it with unsalted saltines (or as they’re properly called, ines) and cream cheese. The cream cheese mellows the sharpness of the Marmite. I recommend a crackers-and-jam chaser to help your taste buds recover.

Marmite on crackers

Not pictured: moral superiority.

What do you think of my food snob theory? Are there foods you like that make you feel superior to people who don’t eat them? Durian fruit? Fermented fish? Beer?


6 thoughts on “Snack Snobbery

  1. Insufferable olive fan here. I only started liking them in my 20’s an now it’s one of my favourite things. I’m especially fond of stuffed olives with jalapenos in a gin martini. But my real food snob comes out with salt. I have about 15 varieties currently and love finding new and fun single origin and blends.

    • Aww, Naomi, we just have to build up your Marmite tolerance. πŸ˜‰ Just kidding! As a British-born person you’re required to have a strong opinion about Marmite – I think it’s in the Magna Carta or something – but you don’t have to like it.

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