Midpoint Miscellany

We’re at the midway point of this blog already! Here are a few quick things that didn’t make their way into full blog posts.

After the first Evoolution shopping trip and taste test, I went back with a coworker where we both spent $WayTooMuch on more delicious oils and vinegars. Then we stopped in at Dauphine bakery across the street and picked up these airy ficelle buns and sweet little candy cane kisses. Then we went back to the office (at work during staycation – gasp!) and had another taste test with coworkers.

Ficelle and candy cane kisses

Ficelle and candy cane kisses

I didn’t take a poll – or pictures – this time but everything was delicious.

After finishing the jar of sangria, I was left with a load of wine-soaked apple and mandarin segments. I wanted to see if I could make something edible with them, so I threw them in a pan with a bunch of sugar and cooked them down.

Sangria remnants in pan

Sangria remnants in pan

Verdict: Revolting. Don’t try this at home.

No story here, I just like this picture.

Spice jars

Spice jars


3 thoughts on “Midpoint Miscellany

  1. Halfway already? Waaaaaah!!!! The only thing I could think of doing with cooked down sangria is adding sugar or honey and using it as a dessert topping. But not if it tastes as bad as you made it sound 🙂

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