Matcha Mama

A delicious dessert told in pictures…

Matcha powder

This is matcha. It is made from a particular type of green tea leaf, dried and ground into powder.

Pudding powder

This is vanilla pudding powder. It is made from chemicals you can’t pronounce.

Milk in measuring cup

This is milk. It’s made by wild Pyrex cows.


You can make something yummy by mixing these ingredients.

Action shot

Action shot!

Matcha pudding

Delicious matcha pudding!

Matcha pudding

P.S. Soylent green is people.

Matcha pudding

Delicious, delicious people.


2 thoughts on “Matcha Mama

  1. Love the action shot!!!! Where do you buy matcha? I’ve seen it on tea packaging (“new and improved with matcha!”) but not as an ingredient on its own.

    • Vicky – I bought my tin of matcha from David’s Teas here in Edmonton. Some other specialty tea stores are starting to carry it, but they often sell sweetened versions, usually containing matcha + cane sugar. I’ve never tried that version so I don’t know if it’s good or not, but it’s probably much easier to make a matcha latte using the pre-sweetened version. I love matcha lattes but they’re a pain to make with my powder.

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