City Spirit

I’m going to divert briefly from the theme of my blog. Like everyone, I’m heartsick about the shootings in Connecticut yesterday and I can’t begin put my feelings into words here. I just want to share a story.

This morning I decided to go to the City Market. While waiting at the bus stop, I saw a boy about 5 or 6 years old across the street. There was a snow pile under a big tree. He climbed the snow pile, reached up, and grabbed a branch. Swung for a minute, then jumped down. He made a snowball and threw it straight up to see if it would catch in the branches. Tried again. Shrugged then went back into his yard. It was cute – just a kid exploring his world.

Then I thought about someone putting bullets into a bunch of kids that age and I started crying right there at the bus stop. Grabbed some kleenex and managed to pull myself together before I got to the market.

And when I got there, it was a little bit magical. There were families skating on the frozen wading pool. There were carollers singing in harmony. Inside City Hall there were dozens of booths set up, people smiling, families and kids walking around. It was a warm and bustling community spirit and just what I needed.

Outside City Hall

Outside City Hall

I have to remind myself sometimes: There’s enough bad stuff in the world. Once in a while you have to turn off the news and go be with people who make you happy.

I hope you’re all with people who make you happy.

I’ll be back to happy foodie blogging tomorrow!


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