Taste Test

Fun fact: When you tell your friends and coworkers that you have some gourmet oils and vinegars for them to taste test, here’s what you never hear: “Aww, gee, I’d rather not.”

I used sourdough bread for the taste test which was a good choice – the slight tanginess brings out the sweetness in the vinegars. I also brought along some havarti since the creamy earthiness works as a palate cleanser. Also havarti = yum.

Taste testing oil & vinegar

Taste testing oil & vinegar

Including me, there were 9 taste testers. With 2 oils and 2 vinegars, there are 4 flavour combinations. And the results were…

4 votes: Walnut oil + Cinnamon pear dark balsamic (plate b). Comments: Delicious. A bit like spice cake. The nut, spice, and fruit flavours don’t compete with each other. A bit chocolatey. Especially good with cheese. Best-looking combo (white oil, dark vinegar).

3 votes: Extra virgin olive oil with blood oranges + Cinnamon pear dark balsamic (plate d). Comments: The citrusy olive oil goes well with the spice of the cinnamon.

2 votes: Extra virgin olive oil with blood oranges + Pumpkin spice white balsamic (plate c). Comments: Sweet and tart. You have to like citrus to like this combo.

0 votes: Walnut oil + Pumpkin spice white balsamic (plate a). (Cue sad trombone.) Comments: Plain looking (white oil, white vinegar). Taste is reminiscent of white wine. Tart and fruity.

Although it got zero first-place votes, the walnut + pumpkin combo received two honourable mentions among the taste testers, including an engineer who wanted me to specify that his vote was two-thirds for walnut/cinnamon, and one-third for walnut/pumpkin. One must be precise about these things.

Rorschach test: What do you see in the oil and vinegar remnants?

Rorschach test: What do you see in the oil and vinegar remnants?

Thank you to the taste testers for bravely volunteering your taste buds!


5 thoughts on “Taste Test

  1. I’m going to try your top choice…it sounds yummy. I bought the fig balsamic vinegar and drizzled it over an arugula, Parmesan petals and shaved pear salad and it was a real winner too! A friend gave me olive oil infused with vanilla and it is tasty in cakes and definitely not something I would have tried. I like your sense of adventure.

    • Ooh, Kelly, that salad sounds amazing. I saw your post just before making myself a salad for lunch and I tried adding shaved pears and cheese (I used aged cheddar). Great additions, thanks!

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