Beautiful Bottles

Nothing substantive here, I just wanted to post a couple more pics of the beautiful Evoolution bottles before I move on to other topics.

BTW if you look closely, you’ll see one bottle is less full than the others because I couldn’t wait to use it once I got it home. (It’s the pumpkin spice white balsamic. I drizzled it on roasted sweet potatoes which was awesome.)

Oil & vinegar bottles lined up for inspection

Oil & vinegar bottles lined up for inspection

This final pic makes me laugh because it’s so faux-dramatic. The bottles look like they’re standing around waiting for trouble. Or they’re at a night club pretending to be cool. Or they’re preservation jars at the back of some secret lab containing tiny aliens in formaldehyde.

Bottles being dramatic

Bottles being dramatic

Or possibly I have an overactive imagination. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bottles

  1. The dramatic bottles remind me of a cast shot of a reality show. “Ok, everyone just stand in a random place and look at the camera really intensely like you want to win more than anyone else on the show. Good. Ready? Click!”

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